Because your work matters

Jyty’s members work in the municipal sector, the wellbeing services counties, the private sector, organisations and parishes.

Why should you join Trade Union Jyty?

Collective agreements and shop stewards

We negotiate the terms of employment of our members, such as pay, working times and holidays. At the workplace, you are represented by a shop steward who supports you and acts as a union representative at your workplace.

Employment counselling and legal services

Jyty provides its members with employment counselling, legal services and legal aid in problems related to working life and employment.

Earnings-related unemployment allowance for persons who are unemployed or temporarily laid-off

Members of Jyty are insured with Unemployment Fund Aaria. If you become unemployed or temporarily laid off, you will receive earnings-related unemployment allowance.

Diverse training

We offer training related to occupational development and well-being. In addition, representatives of personnel and trade union activists are offered training related to their duties.

Member benefits for spare time

Members of Jyty can enjoy a wide range of member benefits for spare time, such as accident and travel insurance, as well as discounts on accommodation, holiday cabins and boat trips.