Information on joining

Welcome to Trade Union Jyty! In the Jyty community, you will never be left alone, and you will be supported by a strong union throughout your career.

How can I become a member?

  • • You can easily join both Trade Union Jyty and Unemployment Fund Aaria at one go by completing the electronic member application form.

  • • You become a member of the local or regional Jyty association for your workplace or a member of a national Jyty association.

  • • If you do not know which association you should join when applying for membership, our member service will direct you to the right association.

  • • Your membership begins on the joining date that you determine, with the earliest possible date being the day when you complete the member application form. Applications will be processed as soon as possible.

  • • On the application form, you can choose to authorise Jyty to terminate your membership in another trade union/unemployment fund.

Who can become a member?

The members of Trade Union Jyty usually work for municipalities or joint municipal authorities, wellbeing services counties, parishes or companies wholly or partly owned by municipalities. In this case, the employer complies with the collective agreements negotiated by Jyty in the municipal sector, wellbeing services counties, private sectors and the Church sector. In the Church sector, member associations may accept as members individuals working for a parish, federation of parishes or another Church employer.

The most common occupational fields of Jyty’s members are education and training, library work, youth and organisational work, secretarial, administrative, expert and ICT work, and social and health care work. Read more about the occupational fields of Jyty.

Employees are encouraged to join the trade union that negotiates the collective agreement to be complied with at the workplace.

Transferring from one union/unemployment fund to another

You must complete your transfer from one union/unemployment fund to another within 30 days in order to maintain unemployment security, to transfer to the unemployment fund and Jyty as a so-called existing member and to retain and transfer with you the accumulated months of employment. The transfer period during which one is not a union member does contribute towards meeting the membership or previous employment requirements, which means that the transfer should take place so that there is no gap between memberships. Belonging simultaneously to two unemployment funds is not allowed.

Make sure that your member fees for the previous union/unemployment fund are paid. Notify the previous union or unemployment fund of your transfer to Jyty. On the application form, you can choose to authorise Jyty to terminate your membership in another trade union/unemployment fund.

Student members

Students can also become members of Trade Union Jyty. Full-time degree students joining Jyty for the first time do not have pay for their membership. Similar to other working members, students who work at least 18 hours a week pay a member fee that is based on a percentage. If you work alongside your studies, you can also join Unemployment Fund Aaria.

Read more about student membership and join as a member!

What does the membership cost?

The member fee for working members is 1.32% of the total monthly salary subject to withholding tax (with the exception of three associations, where the member fee is 1.40%). With this amount, you get access to all the member services and benefits of Trade Union Jyty, your Jyty association and Unemployment Fund Aaria. Read more about the member fee.

Become a member by completing the electronic application form.

Further information

The association’s member register can provide you with further information on joining as a member.