Why is it worth joining Jyty?

Make a good decision and join Trade Union Jyty as a member! The Union gives you safety and support in working life, a number of leisure time member benefits as well as a strong vocational community. The most significant member benefits are introduced on this page. Acquaint yourself with the benefits and join as a member!

The Jyty members work in municipalities, wellbeing services counties, the private sector, organisations and parishes. In these sectors the Jyty members operate in diverse professions in different fields. Jyty negotiates the working conditions, such as salaries, working times and holidays for its members in a total of 19 collective agreements.

Working life benefits

Work relationship counselling and legal services

Jyty gives its members work relationship counselling and legal services in problem issues in working life and work relationships.

Earnings-related allowance as unemployed or laid off

As a Jyty member you are a member of the Unemployment Fund Aaria. If you become unemployed or laid off you receive earnings-related allowance.

Negotiating working conditions and agreements

On our members behalf we negotiate collective agreements, in which working conditions, such as salaries, working times and holidays, are agreed.

The support of the Shop Steward

As a member you receive support from a Shop Steward, who knows your own working place. He/she is a specialist of the work community and operates as Jyty’s and your representative at your working place.

Educations and events

Jyty offers its members diverse educations and events about vocational skills, development of and coping with work as well as organisational activities.

Insurance cover for working life

Jyty has taken a comprehensive insurance cover for its members with insurance company If. As a member you have a vocational liability and legal expenses insurance.

Spare time membership benefits

A comprehensive leisure time insurance cover

Jyty has taken a comprehensive insurance cover for its members with insurance company If. As a Jyty member you have a leisure time accident and travel insurance.

Jyty’s holiday apartments

As a Jyty member you can rent cosy holiday apartments to a member benefit low price throughout the year in Levi, Ruka and Tahko.


As a member you receive the CityShoppari 2023 application on your phone, through which you get discounts. More than 1,000 benefits, 300 companies and 2,000 shops are included.

Accommodation benefits

A number of hotels and accommodation grants discounts and benefits for Jyty members. Make your reservation directly to the destination and mention that you are a member of Jyty or its central organisation STTK.

Ship trips

Many cruise companies offer Jyty members discounts and member card benefits on leisure time route or cruise trips. Member benefits are offered by Eckerö Line, Tallink Silja, Viking Line and Wasaline.

Exercise benefits

Jyty has also negotiated exercise benefits for Jyty members, such as a discount on a membership with Kuntokeskus Fitness24Seven.

What is the cost of the membership?

The membership fee of Trade Union Jyty for working members is 1.32% of all taxable salary. The exception is 4 branches that have a membership fee of 1.40%. If you do not have paid work or do not receive a salary, you pay a membership fee of only 7 € a month. From an Unemployment Fund benefit a percentage rate is deducted, and this includes the share of the union and the unemployment fund. The membership fee is tax deductible. The monthly member fee ensures that you in all problem situations of working life are supported by a strong union, of which you can ask for and from which you can receive legal help. On top of the working life benefits you receive miscellaneous leisure time benefits. Read more about the membership fee.

Student membership is free

The membership fee is free for a fulltime student aiming for an exam, if he/she joins Trade Union Jyty for the first time. A student in upper secondary school can join Jyty as a student member. Read more about student membership.

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More information about joining as a member: Information about joining

If you need more information about the Jyty membership or you experience problems with joining electronically, please contact Jyty membership services: Member services