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Make a good decision and become a member of Trade Union Jyty! The union provides you with security and support for working life, diverse member benefits and a strong occupational community. Because your work matters.

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How can I become a member?

  • • You can easily join both Trade Union Jyty and Unemployment Fund Aaria at one go by completing the electronic member application form.

  • • You become a member of the local or regional Jyty association for your workplace or a member of a national Jyty association.

  • • If you do not know which association you should join when applying for membership, our member service will direct you to the right association.

  • • Your membership begins on the joining date that you determine, with the earliest possible date being the day when you complete the member application form. Applications will be processed as soon as possible.

  • • On the application form, you can choose to authorise Jyty to terminate your membership in another trade union/unemployment fund.

Further information

Become a member by completing the application form.
For more information on membership and becoming a member, see the association’s member register.