Information about us

Jyty is a medium-sized trade union for employees. Our members work mainly for municipalities, joint municipal authorities, wellbeing services counties, parishes and organisations, as well as for municipally owned companies and public-service corporations.

Our member base includes representatives of many different occupational fields, and Jyty’s operations cover a total of approximately 2,000 occupational titles. The largest occupational fields relevant to Jyty include secretarial, administrative, specialist and ICT work, youth work and organisational work, social and health care work, library work, and education and training. Through our active operations in the occupational field, we strengthen the recognition of the fields relevant to us and the work related to the representation of interests in those fields.

Members always belong to Jyty through associations. A comprehensive network of local and national associations provides us with a strong vision and bargaining power in our work related to the representation of interests. We are a member association of the central organisation Finnish Confederation of Professionals.