Trade Union Jyty works near you – no matter where you study in Finland. The people at Jyty work as professionals in hundreds of workplaces and we will help you as you navigate your studies or career, for example, in municipalities, joint municipal authorities, wellbeing services counties or the private sector, such as organisations. You will meet us, your future colleagues, in the Jyty association relevant to your place of study and through Jyty’s activities.

Student membership is free of charge – join Jyty!

Full-time degree students can join Trade Union Jyty as a student member. Members of Jyty usually study at universities of applied sciences, universities, vocational colleges or adult education institutes. Students studying in a general upper secondary school can also join Jyty.

Trade Union Jyty has 140 local and national member associations. Students are members of Trade Union Jyty through their membership in the association for their place of study or residence or as a member of a national association. Students are full members of their associations.

If you join as a student member for the first time, student membership is free of charge. If a regular member, for example, takes study leave from work or starts studies, they pay a member fee determined in euros.

Students pay the member fee when they work at least 18 hours a week, that is, when they meet the employment requirement. It is therefore in the student’s interest to pay the member fee for this period. If a student works for a couple of hours per week, it does not contribute towards meeting the employment requirement and no member fee is paid for that time, which means that the student membership is free of charge.

Join Jyty by completing the application form, after which you can log in to Jässäri, the e-service system for Jyty’s members. If you have employed or start working alongside your studies, you can also join Unemployment Fund Aaria in order to secure your earnings-related unemployment allowance. You do not need to know the name of Jyty’s member association, as our membership secretary will automatically direct you to the right association. Several Jyty member associations also provide information on their activities and benefits on their own websites.