Research and statistics

Jyty conducts research independently and in cooperation with other trade unions and cooperation partners. Research activities support the representation of our members interests and the discussions taking place in working life related to well-being at work and the occupational fields represented by the union. We conduct various surveys to find out our members’ views and in order to support work related to industrial relations and societal influence.

We are continuously developing our operations and member services based on the feedback received from our members. Every four years, we conduct an extensive member survey in which we find out the opinions of our members regarding current issues concerning working life. The member survey also provides us with information on the members’ labour market situation, the structure of the member base, placement in the labour market, pay and working time. The continuum of member surveys provides us with reference data on how opinions about working life have changed over the years.

We conduct topical surveys and questionnaires on an annual basis for both shop stewards and the entire member base. The surveys are implemented as electronic surveys, so as a member of Jyty, please make sure that your contact information is up to date in our member register.