Membership types

Jyty has three types of members: full members, student members and supporting members. Below you will find more detailed information about the different types of membership.

Full member

As a full member, you belong to a member association of Trade Union Jyty. You will automatically be a member of Aaria Unemployment Fund unless you prohibited this when you joined the union. You have access to the diverse member benefits and services offered by the union. Learn more about membership and member benefits.

Student member

In their association, student members enjoy the same member benefits and services as full members. When you join Trade Union Jyty and its member association, you will also join Unemployment Fund Aaria if you are in a valid employment relationship. You can join the unemployment fund at any stage of your studies when you start working. Please also let us know if you are graduating or you stop working alongside your studies so that your membership information is updated. You can submit a notification of such changes either through the e-service Jässäri or by sending an email to

Supporting member

Retiring members can continue to belong to a member association as a supporting member provided that the member association allows this. Supporting members are not obligated to pay a union membership fee, they have no right to vote and they cannot be elected to Jyty’s bodies. Supporting members have the right to attend and speak at the association’s meetings.

You can also join Jytyseniorit, regarding which you can find more information on the Jytyseniorit website.

Active member

As a full member or student member, you can participate in and influence the decision-making of your association and assume responsibility for various duties. The duties in the association include those of shop steward, chair, secretary, board member, member contact person, treasurer, communications officer, training officer and person in charge of youth work. The association represents its members at negotiation tables and in cooperation groups.

Your active approach and support as a member are important to the association’s operations.
Active members have access to Omanetti, that is, the union’s extranet. It contains targeted information, publications, statistics, forms and news releases.

Free member

No free memberships have been granted since 1 January 2005.

Disclosure of data

Trade Union Jyty maintains a member register for the collection of member fees, work related to industrial relations, member services and the compilation of statistical data. Member fee data is disclosed to the Tax Administration and member data is disclosed to the insurance company providing the insurance policies for Jyty. Contact information will only be disclosed for the marketing of member benefits, unless you have prohibited the disclosure of your data. Read our privacy statement.