Collective agreements

A collective agreement is an agreement between a trade union representing employees and an employer or employers’ union regarding the terms of employment in the sector, such as pay, working time and annual leaves.

A collective agreement may have a normal binding effect, in which case it obligates the employers signing the agreement or employers that are members of the union that concluded the agreement, or it may have a generally binding effect, in which case it is also binding on unorganised employers in the sector in question.

Trade Union Jyty negotiates collective agreements in the municipal sector, wellbeing services counties, Church sector and private sectors. Jyty negotiates a total of 19 collective agreements on behalf of its members.

  • In the municipal sector, Jyty forms the Public Sector Union (JAU) together with JHL, with JAU negotiating collective agreements with Local Government and County Employers KT.
  • In the Church sector, the union for the Church sector (Kirkon alan unioni) formed by Jyty and JHL negotiates with the Church’s labour market institute (Kirkon työmarkkinalaitos).
  • In the private sector, Jyty concludes collective agreements with employers’ unions belonging to the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and with other private employers’ organisations.

Jyty’s largest contracts in terms of number of members

In the municipal sector:

  • General collective agreement for the municipal sector (KVTES)
  • Collective agreement for technical personnel (TS)

In the wellbeing services counties:

  • Health and social services sector agreement (SOTE)

In the private sector:

In the Church sector:

• General collective agreement for the Church sector (KirVESTES)