Decision making and administration

The highest decision-making power of Trade Union Jyty is exercised by the union council, which consists of the union’s members. The executive committee is the union’s executive body, with the President of the trade union acting as the Chair.

Executive committee

The executive body of the union is the executive committee having 12 members, with the executive committee taking care of, among other things, agreement and negotiation activities in accordance with the decisions of the union council. The executive committee manages the union’s assets and supervises the union’s financial management, organisational activities, communications and training activities. In addition, the executive committee submits proposals to the union council. The Chair of the executive committee is the President of the union.

Union council

The union council has 37 members. It convenes twice a year or more frequently, as necessary. The union council exercises the union’s highest decision-making power and directs its annual activities. The union council decides, among other things, on agreement-related activities and the approval of agreements at the union level, as well as on operational and financial plans and organisational principles. The union council elects for the union a full-time president for a four-year term.