Employment counselling

Working life can cause a number of questions, challenges or problem situations. If there is something in your work relationship, work agreement or something else in working life that is bothering you, you can receive help. The Jyty shop stewards and health and safety representatives, regional offices and the trusteeship department give the Jyty members work relationship counselling in problem issues about working life and employment.

What to do at the workplace if there are problems?

Before contacting Jyty’s shop steward, regional office or employment counselling, first discuss the issue with your supervisor.

Employment counselling in the regional offices

Jyty’s regional offices provide employment counselling for the members and associations in their areas. View the contact details and geographical responsibilities of the regional offices:
Regional offices

Employment counselling in all sectors

020 789 3700 (Mon–Thu 9 a.m.–11 a.m., Fri 10 a.m.–12 noon), closed Wed 29.5.,

Protection of confidential information: Encrypted email for the employment counselling

Call rates:
Call rates to Jytys service numbers are only subject to operator-specific charges. International call charges apply when calling from abroad.

Unemployment fund

020 7655 900 (see office hours)

– earnings-related unemployment allowance, alternation allowance, unemployment benefit
– you can log in to the unemployment fund’s e-services through the website
– website: www.aariakassa.fi/en/