Instructions for the payroll clerks

The member fees of Trade Union Jyty are collected from all Jyty members from their pay subject to withholding tax, which includes fringe benefits, compensation for working hours, holiday bonus and holiday compensation.

Jyty uses the association numbers 021–766 and only one union code 651.

The collected membership fees are paid to Jyty’s member fee account FI07 1555 3000 1003 22 on a monthly basis always by the 15th day of the following month.

Membership fee percentages of the associations can be found in the attached file below.

Member fee statements

Only the union code 651 (associations 021–766) is used in membership fee statements.

We request that member-specific statements on the collected member fees are sent on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We recommend that emails containing confidential information be sent through this link by using encrypted email (Turvaposti).

Submitting member fee statements through the Selvitys+ service

Jyty’s trade union member fee statements with union number 651 can be submitted free of charge through Futunio’s Selvitys+ service. To use the service, you only need to register with the company’s business ID and your own email address, after which the member fee statements can be submitted safely through a secure connection. There are no registration charges or further obligations. There can be several users in the company under one business ID.

Member fee statements can be uploaded to the service as final machine-readable files or by saving them manually. The statement materials are automatically forwarded no earlier than one hour from the time they were saved. When using the Selvitys+ service, there is no need to submit separate statements to Jyty.

The Selvitys+ service is available at:

For more information about the service, please contact Futunio’s experts:, p. 09 7771 9745.

We request that you primarily send the member fee statement information in electronic format. If you provide the statement information on paper, please send it by email: or to the address: Jyty ry/Member fees, Asemamiehenkatu 4, 00520 Helsinki.