Professional fields

Jyty employees are a diverse group: our member base includes a total of approximately 2,000 job titles. The largest occupational fields relevant to Jyty include secretarial, administrative, specialist and ICT work, youth work and organisational work, social and health care work, library work, and education and training.

Through our active operations in the occupational fields, we develop the occupational competence and identity of our members and strengthen the recognition and appreciation of the fields we represent in the labour market.

Brief summary of our activities in the occupational field

  • We develop the occupational competence of our members by organising various vocational trainings and events, such as vocational seminars, webinars and student events.
  • We are actively involved as a cooperation partner at trade fairs and events.
  • We carry out occupational advocacy work, for example, by writing opinion pieces and statements.
  • We influence legislation concerning occupational fields and support the union’s work related to the representation of interests.
  • We provide information on our activities through our newsletters, training and event calendar, the Jyty magazine and the occupational field-specific web pages of our website.