Region and association activities

Activities at the regional level and in associations form the basis of our union. The groundwork for the representation of our members’ interests and the cohesion of our members takes place through associations and regional operations.

The aim of regional operations is to support and promote the activities of associations, shop stewards and the union and to serve the members in each area. Our regional offices in Southern Finland are located in Helsinki and Turku, in Eastern Finland in Kouvola and Kuopio, in Western Finland in Tampere and Vaasa, and in Northern Finland in Oulu and Rovaniemi.

The regional offices:

• support and guide the activities of associations and lead and coordinate the activities of Jyty activists
• support members if a Jyty shop steward has not been elected at the workplace
• organise training related to industrial relations and organisational training for the parties operating in the area
• organise for the members in the area training that supports well-being at work
• organise trainings and webinars in cooperation with the occupational field
• strengthen the cohesion of the union members
• promote the union’s positive image.

See the detailed regional division in Jyty’s map of regions and municipalities:

Activities in associations

All Jyty members automatically belong to a local association or a national association. As a rule, the association our members belong to is determined based on their workplace, collective agreement or place of residence. Our associations organise a wide range of activities – see what they do and join us! If you do not know which association you should belong to, please contact Jyty’s member services.

The associations:

• create and develop a better working life
• organise Jyty’s work related to local industrial relations and support shop stewards in their duties
• encourage people working in sectors relevant to Jyty to join the trade union
• communicate and inform members about current issues at the local level
• organise events for the members and support the training of the members.