Billing address

Trade Union Jyty (Business ID 0201551-3)


Jyty’s e-invoicing address/EDI code: TE003702015513
Operator: Tieto Corporation
Operator’s ID: 003701011385.

When sending e-invoices, please follow the instructions given by your e-invoice operator.

Paper invoices:

If you are not yet able to send e-invoices, paper invoices must be sent to the address below:

Trade Union Jyty
Serial no. 16800716
P.O. BOX 861
00019 SSC

Please note the following:

  • The serial number must be written correctly in the address field on the paper invoice
  • Approved dimensions of invoices: A5 and A4 size, paper weight 70–120 g/m2
  • Invoice(s) and any related attachments must be posted in the same envelope
  • The invoice must be of good print quality
  • Invoice pages must not be joined together (staple, paperclip, etc.)

Material to be returned:

• Invoice materials that do not include the serial number

Invoices are delivered through the aforementioned address to the scanning centre, from where they are transferred to our invoice system.

We kindly ask you to include in all invoices the name of Jyty’s contact person (the person ordering the goods/service) as reference information.

Regarding email invoices, please note:

  • invoices must be sent to the email address laskut (@)
  • the billing address on the invoice is the same as the address for paper invoices (above)
  • the invoice must be sent as an email attachment
  • any attachments to the invoice must be in the same file as the invoice (the invoice must be the first page of the attachment)
  • the accepted attachment formats: PDF 1.3 or higher, JPG 200 dpi or higher, TIF 300 dpi is recommended
  • the name of the attachment includes standard characters, a-z , A-Z, 0-9
  • the total size of the email, including attachments, must not exceed 10 MB